By Admin | June 26, 2000

Meander over to [ ] and take a look-see of what’s going on in the Bowlegged Man Media labs: low budget features based on depraved Ed Wood Jr. pulp novels, drunken masked Mexican wrestlers, William Burroughs perversions, animated cease-and-desist-ed Jack Chick Christy tracts about the evils of Halloween, and so, so much more.
The fine humans of Bowlegged have this to say about their crown jewel, the Ed Wood Trilogy: “Foremost amongst our eccentric a/v products are a series of features from the mind of legendary low budget film pioneer/transvestite/pulp author Edward D. Wood, Jr. Meticulously constructed using only the finests raw materials and lovingly frosted with stock footage. From Angora-clad INSTANT classics to archival reconstructions and mutations, these sleazy videos are ideal for each and every citizen on this planet. Perverse. Absurdly poetic. Cardboard. Soaked with drama. Infested with potent yet benevolent parasites.”
If film isn’t your thing (though, why would you be here if it wasn’t?) then be sure to look into their soon-to-be-unleashed Devo cover album and a host of other fine sonic sundries.

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