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By Mark Bell | March 7, 2013

Random people stuck in their mundane jobs (plumber, dentist, administrative assistant, regional restaurant manager) suddenly find themselves accosted by a vicious dancer, hellbent on… making them dance? Using his magic powers of dance, the Dancer transports them to the wilderness where they can finally become the dancers they’ve always been under the surface. Or something.

Thomas Aske Berg’s short film, BELIEVEtheDANCE, is my type of oddity. Coupling top notch cinematography, editing, effects and musical score with an almost irrational narrative, it somehow manages to be a horror film (of sorts) where the main antagonist sports finger gloves and a sweat band. I mean, I’ve heard of being afraid of dancing in front of people, but being afraid of a stalking, crazy dancer?

I had a blast with this short, and my only real criticism is that it feels a tad too long; we’re talking a smidge. Not a major issue, as even if it feels like the momentum wanes a bit, that’s probably by design to build to the insanity that’s to come. So I’m cool with the film letting itself breath, because when it delivers, it delivers strong.

I don’t know how you feel about dancers or dancing, but if the Dancer shows up and starts screaming at you, asking you if you want to dance, say “yes” and just start dancing. If he becomes helpful, you’re safe. If he keeps screaming and chases you down, shooting at you with lightning, you might have some unique problems coming at you.

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