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5 Under-Appreciated Short Films About Love

By Chris Gore | December 1, 2018

Short films have that special atmosphere, and there is something magic about them. They can cover a serious topic and cover life issues better than the full few hour-long films. Short films about love are the most vivid ones and often carry deep meaning in every scene. They are the stories about the feelings that everyone aspires to feel. Being warm, inspiring or amusing, these short videos will motivate you to perceive the world with an open heart and will definitely leave a mark on your consciousness. Here is the list of 5 of the most sensitive and romantic short films you can watch with your loved one on a cozy evening.

Long Branch

The story about a casual acquaintance and a romantic night. No name or romance – just a girl that wants to spend a carefree night with the first guy she meets on the street of New York and run away in the morning as if nothing happened. The boy did not expect the events to be developing so rapidly, especially after just a few kisses. Thinking that everything is going according to her plan, the girl offered the boy to go to his house. He dragged her to the subway without even naming the address. Of course, she noticed that they are going on the longest branch, so she asked the boy where were they going. The answer «to the end» was not the one she was expecting to receive. However, even after they have reached the last stop of the subway, their road was not over… Hopefully, you do not have to travel 40 km to find the love of your life, as with the help of https://godatenow.com, you can do it just in a few clicks.

Silent Love

A magnificent short film directed by Giacomo Zanni and filmed in Italy (2014, 3:57 minutes). It introduces us a usual everyday situation – from month to month, a young girl and a guy have been traveling the same train to work together. Of course, over time, they became familiar and recognized each other.

They obviously like each other very much, and even get bored when one of them for some reason does not appear in his place at the usual time, but the acquaintance itself hasn’t happened yet… He saw her on the train on her way home from work, and now he meets her every day, but still does not reach the girl. However, something special is arising in his heart, and it seems to be love. Will he decide to make the first step? Who knows.


A short film by Nikolay Sidorov-Frantsuzov tells a story about a city girl arriving at her grandmother’s countryside house located in a small village. There, she meets local youngsters who are chilling on a river bank: two guys and a glamorous girl named Masha. Seryoga, who has fallen in love with her from the first sight, invites her to sit near the fire, where the girl, unfamiliar with the manners of the trio, meets the new, exciting world she will live in up to the end of summer. The romantic story about young people having the time of their lives as if it was the last month of their life. However, summer bliss ends. Nastya is going home. What will the boy that now cannot imagine his life without her do?


Director – Ben Brand. Holland, 2016, 8:07. Technologies have not only simplified the daily life of an average person but they now even help people find their love. This short film tells about the innovative mobile application that allows you to find your soul mate based on their geolocation and the percentage of your match, calculated considering your age, interests, occupation, and hobbies. Bert, a regular single man, has installed an application on his smartphone hoping to find a girl of his dream in the nearest radius. So, the usual trip to the subway turns into a real marathon where the prize is the love of all his life. But is the algorithm of an app so realistically perfect? What results will this lead to? Maybe this is happening right now, in our modern world? You will find out while watching the movie.

The Voice of the Sea

Sailor Vanya, a good-natured and a funny guy, is, unfortunately, deaf. As a result of an accident during the army service, he has completely lost his hearing in one ear, and the second ear can function only due to an expensive German hearing aid. He falls in love with the seaside café singer whose name is Amina. Every day, straight from work, the fisherman runs to watch her performances, although he hears only the sound of the sea because he drowned his hearing aid just a few days before. So a man begins to buy lottery tickets every day with a dream to win money on a new hearing aid to be able to hear the voice of his loved one. Will the luck be on his side? Watch this short film by Ivan Sosnin to find out.

Hopefully, some of these short films appealed to you, and you decided to watch them with your soul mate. Those are the sincere and marvelous stories worth your attention.

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