By Admin | December 12, 2002

David Carradine would be proud, my young grasshopper. For down in the urban jungle, a group of evil warriors face their greatest challenge… a pint-sized grasshopper with a thirst for the martial arts. With his child sidekick, they kick some major warrior a*s, Kung Fu style.  
Written and produced by The Love Brothers, these guys definitely have a knack for making hip flash animation. Simply drawn just as it is entertaining, “Fearless Grasshopper” is something that could fit perfectly in a Saturday morning cartoon lineup. The problem is that it’s too simplistic for it’s own good. Two people meet, they fight, we get to see some cool computer graphics, and that’s it. Call it an experiment in computer/flash animation or an exercise in mindless entertainment, you want to see more action and adventure from our young urban heroes. You are wise to tease us my young grasshopper, but you are no Bruce Lee… yet. 

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