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By Mark Bell | November 20, 2013

It’s not often that we’re asked to take a look at a music video for review, but that’s the case here with Daniel Tantalean’s video for Rickstar‘s “Been Around the World.” A sci-fi tale, Rickstar builds a model car and spaceship, only to be surprised (or perhaps not) by the end results. While I don’t think putting a model car in a toaster oven will result in a voyage into outer space, who knows that types of fumes, and resulting mind-trip, that could cause.

Now, I’m not a music critic, so I’m not going to say too much about the song itself, or its performance. It finds its groove, and lives there, for better or worse depending on your musical tastes. The song didn’t make me want to toss off the headphones or loudly curse another Autotune-pop performance, so it’s got that going for it.

Focusing on the filmmaking, the video shows a flair for the visual and the entire endeavor is an accomplished affair. Whether you follow the narrative, or the lyrics, the visual language is exceptional eye candy, and the effects work is superb. There’s professional polish to the video that cannot be denied.

That said, if this were still a world where you could watch hours of music videos on MTV, I don’t know that this one would be all that memorable. It’s more than competent and definitely shows talent, which is ultimately my opinion of the song itself, but it also doesn’t push any new buttons or do anything truly groundbreaking (again, like the song). If you’re a fan of Rickstar, the video certainly doesn’t do a bad job of presenting him and is worth checking out, but it’s ultimately not a video I would automatically bring up in conversation about great music videos.

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