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By Brian Bertoldo | September 20, 1999

Hey guys, ever wonder what really goes on in the ladies room? Eric Kripke’s short Battle of the Sexes provides a surprising look into the mysteries of that forbidden room.
The film opens with an average guy (Andrew Shaifer) trying to pick up a woman (Sasha Alexander) at an upscale bar. After inviting her back to his penthouse to continue their conversation, the woman, we’ll call her the lady in black, excuses herself to the ladies room. Once inside, the real action starts. She slams the door behind her and shouts to the other women, “I need a background check.” The ladies room is instantly transformed into a hi-tech war room. An alarm sounds, various types of electronic equipment pops out of every location and a two-minute countdown begins. The women provide different reports and statistics on the man waiting at the bar, complete with print outs that come from the tampon machine. It turns out the guy doesn’t live in a penthouse but in a room above his parent’s garage and he has below average penis size. Our lady in black logs onto the Women’s Organizational Network (WON) for additional data. One report is late coming in, the all important employment status. The woman at the employment terminal searches frantically as the countdown quickly comes to an end. Finally, a revelation, “He’s a plumber, repeat, he is a plumber.” With a “thank you ladies” the lady in black returns to the bar, turning down the man’s invites. Back in the ladies room the other women watch on a monitor and cheer with a last word regarding men, “they’re all just a bunch of b*****s.”
Far and away an excellent short, packing in non-stop action likes something out of Mission Impossible. Battle of the Sexes is a fast paced, fantasy examination of how women are able to network in order to weed the duds out of the male herd.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Where/how does/can one find this short, comedy to watch?

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