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An Irish Goodbye

By Alan Ng | January 18, 2023

After their mum’s death, two brothers are forced to fulfill her final wishes in co-writers/co-directors Tom Berkeley and Ross White’s short film, An Irish Goodbye. Upon hearing word that his mother has passed, Turlough (Seamus O’Hara) returns home to the family’s farm in Northern Ireland. Awaiting him is his Down Syndrome brother, Lorcan (James Martin), and Father O’Shea (Paddy Jenkins), who is there to assist the brothers through the final funeral details.

With no one to take care of Lorcan on the farm, Turlough decides to sell it and have Lorcan move in with their aunt as he returns to his life in London. Lorcan doesn’t take to the news well and runs off. He wants to stay on the farm as he’s been faithfully tending to its needs for years.


“…returns home to the family’s farm in Northern Ireland. Awaiting him is his Down Syndrome brother…”

When Turlough finds his brother off in the fields, Lorcan has a list from his mother given to them by Father O’Shea of 100 things she wanted to do before she died. As a final tribute and before selling the farm, Turlough agrees to complete the list with Lorcan and their mother’s urn and ashes. The list starts with simple tasks: learn Tai Chi and read a classic novel. Then it gets weird, such as modeling for a life drawing class. The boys then attach dozens of balloons to the urn for a hot air balloon ride. The story goes to crazy town from there.

An Irish Goodbye is a sweet tale of brothers who only have each other after the passing of a parent. The tension plays right into the sweetness. There are tough choices to be made and two opposing wants from each brother. There’s the pragmatism of Turlough needing to care for his disabled brother after moving to London to live his life. But Lorcan understandably wants his independence and to live in the home he’s familiar with.

Berkeley and White’s film boasts two touching and humorous performances from O’Hara and Martin while giving respect to the subject matter. The actors’ chemistry simply adds to the sweetness and humor. An Irish Goodbye is a heartfelt story of brothers who learn about each other in a tragic situation.

For screening information, visit the An Irish Goodbye official webpage.

An Irish Goodbye (2022)

Directed and Written: Tom Berkeley, Ross White

Starring: Seamus O'Hara, James Martin, Paddy Jenkins, Michelle Fairley, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

An Irish Goodbye Image

"…two touching and humorous performances from O'Hara and Martin..."

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