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By Admin | May 31, 2006

Make sure to keep your eyes open for AWAKEN THE DEAD, a genre blending zombie film with the heart of a spy film and enough dark humour to make the most dour of horror fans smile. Two lost souls must band together as a government experiment surrounds them with zombies. Christopher, a former assassin turned priest battles his own inner demons while Mary, a spirited recluse, battles the world. Thrown together, neither knows what brought them there or created this disaster. They encounter a terrified Jehovah’s witness, an over the top ex-marine and his wife, two Asian Schoolgirls, and a massive killer pimp along the way.

The film stars Gary Douglas Kohn, Lindsey Morris, Nate Witty, Michael Robert Nyman, Paul Dion Monte, Aurora Corcuera, Dominqua Alexis, Jeremy Jones and Big Will Harris. The rocking soundtrack features bands include Edible Clowns and the Gentle Fracture (Who also provide the score), Diverje, Vampire Division, Echo of Souls, Jenae and Broken Side. It is a ride not to be missed, due for completion by July 2006. AWAKEN THE DEAD is that rare creature, a zombie film with a story.

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