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By Doug Brunell | December 10, 2003

“Don’t Call Me” is one of those quiet films that sneaks by on the simplest of terms. While not offering up much of a plot, the film gives a glimpse into the world of sex, perception and perhaps a bit of obsession.
Jimmy (Eugene Buica) hires a prostitute (Natalie Brunt) to wear his girlfriend’s lingerie while she has sex with him. Before doing the deed, though, Jimmy needs to call his significant other. He also asks the escort to chat with his girlfriend at a bar, which is odd, but not all that bizarre. What follows, however, is a total surprise, and it shows how misguided a person can be when it comes to affairs of the heart.
On the surface, “Don’t Call Me” doesn’t seem like it is worth investing time in, but that’s too dismissive. It is a subtle film that works on a level that actually goes beyond what is on the screen. The emotions it produces don’t come from what viewers see before them — it goes deeper than that and ends up being a little creepy and sad. It will take some time for the film to sink in, but give it a chance and it will move you.

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