On a recent Friday night, an unknown prowler broke into Slamdance ’98 Grand Jury winner (SURRENDER DOROTHY) Kevin DiNovis’ LA apartment and nearly stole Kevin’s coveted Sparky award. The still-unidentified (police said he – or she – left no prints) trashed Kevin’s bachelor pad, drank one of his beers and tried – undoubtedly to much disappointment – to watch a tape of OBEDIENCE SCHOOL (only to find out that it had merely been a static-filled prop from SURRENDER DOROTHY).
Kevin’s early morning arrival from a swank Hollywood party (Slamdance winners always get invited to the Hillary-swankiest of Hollywood parties), must have startled the intruder, who left minus the three-pound bronze Sparky. Let this be a lesson to all filmmakers out there: There’s only one way to get a Sparky, and that’s by winning one honestly at Slamdance! (though if the bids are high enough, look for Kevin’s on eBay).
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