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By Benjamin Franz | June 22, 2022

Zoom has been a great facilitator of meetings, interviews, and conversations. Even now, two years into the Pandemic, most interviews for jobs I’m pursuing are conducted initially over Zoom. Director Jacob Reed’s Full Picture teaches us that Zoom can even have great equalizing powers.

In this mixed-media short, featuring Zoom conversations, beautifully rendered fantasy imagery, and picture collages, we meet comedienne and actor Santina Muha. Just to start, Muha has the most lustrous glorious hair I’ve ever seen on a human in years. She’s very attractive, and on Zoom, her charisma would be considered an “18” in role-playing games, i.e., the very highest person can have.

“…nobody has any idea over the medium of Zoom that Muha uses a wheelchair.”

This is because nobody has any idea over the medium of Zoom that Muha uses a wheelchair. Throughout Full Picture, we watch people become fulsome and overflowing with praise and compliments on Muha purely based on Zoom interactions, where the wheelchair is not relevant. It’s interesting to note that once participants learned Muha’s in a wheelchair, it was only men who seemed to have any sort of an issue with it. The women all still held the same high regard for Muha.

This short, glorious film, written by Reed, Muha, and Elizabeth Reichelt, provides us with a small slice of Muha’s life, and I found her utterly fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of her in future years. She’s a very charming person. Seek out Full Picture, as even with its short runtime, it still serves as a deep, warm hug of a picture.

Full Picture (2022)

Directed: Jacob Reed

Written: Jacob Reed, Santina Muha, Elizabeth Reichelt

Starring: Santina Muha, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Full Picture Image

"…a deep, warm hug of a picture."

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