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By Admin | April 29, 2008

August continues…

“Hamlet 2”
Rock me, rock me, rock me, Sexy Jesus! This hilarious flick played the 2008 Sundance and on sheer word-of-mouth could run away with a kick-a*s box office to round out the Summer.

“House Bunny”
Anna Faris, looking nothing like she did in the “Scary Movie” franchise, plays a Playboy Bunny booted from the Mansion for being too old. So she moves into a sorority to make a bunch of geeky, smart women into bubble-headed sexpots. And they said “Knocked Up” was misogynistic.

If I were to go by the trailer, which I am going to, then I’d say this looks like an unfunny “Superbad,” complete with really nerdy guy, really awkward guy and really fat guy. This might be a “paint your own Apatow” movie, so we’ll have to see how it works out for the copycat.

There you have it, the 2008 Summer Movie Preview is done. Did we miss a few flicks? Yeah, probably… definitely. Keep your eyes on the smaller, art house theaters in your town for great indie flicks that I may not have gotten to mention here (because they may still be figuring out their release schedules). Don’t just drink the blockbuster Kool-Aid; if you love cinema, seek it out everywhere!

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