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By Film Threat Staff | November 13, 2002

Artistic License Films has just acquired writer-director Mark Wilkinson’s feature film debut, “Dischord,” an intense and moody drama about the unsettling relationship between a tormented murderer and his brother’s wife—a famous rock violinist.
“Dischord” stars Annunziata Gianzero (“Men Behaving Badly”) as Gypsy, a rock star and violin prodigy who, just before embarking on her sold-out concert tour, disappears to Cape Cod with her husband Lucian (Andrew Borba – “Path to War”), a successful, yet not quite so talented New Age musician who is jealous of his wife’s genius. Their retreat is disrupted by Jimmy (Jay Ryan – Henry Fool), Lucian’s long-lost and deeply troubled brother. As the arrogant Lucian becomes more distant, Gypsy’s fondness for Jimmy grows, unaware of his violent past and the danger he poses to her. When the body of a murdered woman turns up in the local waters, a retired detective (Dick Bakalyan – “Hill Street Blues”) begins to sniff out Jimmy.
Wilkinson previously directed two award-winning short films, The Next Big Thing and Sally & Angela.
“I’m very excited to be working with Artistic License Films on my first feature film release,” said Wilkinson, who wrote and directed “Dischord.” “Sande Zeig and her team have a real track record of bringing quality films to theaters, and their hard work and passion for movies is clear to me.”
“Dischord” is scheduled to open in New York and Los Angeles on February 21, 2003.
To view the trailer, check out the Dischord website.

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