By Merle Bertrand | January 25, 2000

We woke up this morning to the drool-inducing smell of bacon, eggs, toast, waffles and coffee wafting through the air, courtesy of our resident do-it-all-dude Doc. It was a repast as welcome as it was necessary, given the increasing workload as our party approaches. Tony and Jeff continued trolling for acquisitions-folk with Producer’s Rep Michael Donaldson of Berton & Donaldson. On the ground, the flyer wars have clearly escalated, as filmmakers in the spin-off fests have begun competing in earnest with Sun and Slamdancers for precious wall space. “What I Like About You” flyers now plaster storefronts, windows and nearly any other available space along Main Street, courtesy of our “Flyer Patrol.” When our posters get covered up, as they inevitably do, by flyers for other films, this ever-expanding squadron of troops, armed with staple guns and tape, simply adds a new layer in a generally genial, never-ending cycle. As for me, after dropping off flyers and other promo stuff at NoDance HQ, I spent most of the day at Slamdance HQ, attending screenings, talking to folks and basically just showing the colors, both Film Threat’s and WILAY’s. (Insta-reviews: “Dolphins” is breathtaking but a little long. “Tuvalu” is a brilliantly eccentric mess. Full reviews to come.) Tomorrow’s Party Day; the Film Threat/”What I Like About You” party signals the beginning of an extremely critical 60-hour time span. The band arrived this afternoon. Grammy Award Winner and headlining artist Shawn Colvin arrives tomorrow. It’s almost time to rock…
Highlights and Impressions: An unbelievably attractive blond actress from LA named — I swear — Ingrid, started talking to me while we waited in line to see “Dolphins.” That NEVER happens to me. Must’ve been the sexy FT sweatshirt I was wearing…The police ban on Main Street flyer hand-outs has led to a resurgence in the lost art of the sandwich board…Most Practical Promo Material: The “Amargosa” seat cushions in the Slamdance Main Screening Room. While they don’t prevent numb-butt, they do delay its onset…There’s actually a “Tromadance” here. This “___dance” thing really has gone too far…If you could design a promo device that prevents “hat-head” when you take off a stocking cap, you’d be rich enough to live here year round…

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