The names Lucas, Coppola and Zaentz may be immediately more recognizable to the average movie fan than that of Walter Murch, but esteemed sound designer and film editor Murch, as well as the aforementioned luminaries, will be in the spotlight for a special Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences celebration and ceremony on [ Friday, October 6th at 8PM, in the Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theatre. ] The Academy will also host special symposiums on sound on October 11th and 18th.
Murch has received an impressive 8 Oscar nominations: 3 for sound work and 5 for editing. Among his 3 winning statuettes are prizes for Best Sound for “Apocalypse Now” and Best Sound and Editing for “The English Patient”.
For more on the event, and ticketing information, call [ (310) 247-3600. ]

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