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The Flytipper

By Alan Ng | March 8, 2018

Sometimes storytelling is a race. There is a drive to be first with an idea, and there are definitely benefits to being first. Filmmaker Marc Coleman finds inspiration from illegal street dumping in his short film, The Flytipper. Never heard the term before, but it refers to the act of dumping your old furniture and other unwanted items on the side of the road hoping someone or the city will just take it.

“…screw around with the planet and it will come back to mutilate you.”

Our story follows three men engaged in the act of fly-tipping. But karma strikes as each man is picked off in a gruesome death by a beast made of abandoned vacuum cleaners and assorted electronics. This tale of death utilizes the standard three-kill structure. Kill the crazy, reckless one, then the mean bully. Finally, leave open the reluctant and sympathetic victim/survivor in hopes he can return to the girl he loves?

Running at 16 minutes, The Flytipper is a solid low-budget short story. Coleman does an admirable job making his homemade monster feel comedically menacing, reminiscent of old Doctor Who monsters. Coleman also uses simple movie tricks to animate the monster, picks opportune moments for nice looking gory make-up and death effects. It also has that age-old message, “screw around with the planet and it will come back to mutilate you.”

The Flytipper (2017) Written and directed by Marc Coleman. Starring Jonathan Cobb, Paul Aitchison, Reis Daniels, Sophie Barker, Mark Elias, Jon Campling.

3 out of 5 stars

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