In the midst of the neverending wave of Star Wars news, Issue 93 of Dreamwatch magazine goes back in time to the early 1990s to investigate the crazy history of yet another Star Wars project that, maybe thankfully, was never to be: Star Wars: The Musical.
In an exclusive interview, Producer John Flaxman talks about his plans for the project and how it was scrapped by George Lucas mere weeks before the official launch. Would it have been a hit? Check out these incredible lyrics:
“Out there the heavens gleam, as in a dream, and daring chances I’m taking – Saving a Princess – Oh, how I’m aching to fly! To fly! To fly!” ^ –Luke Skywalker sings in Star Wars: The Musical
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  1. Ryan says:

    Ha! I wonder if this was inspired by Frank Jacobs’ fun parody that appeared in MAD Magazine many moons ago.

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