Pete’s in the shower and I’m finishing up my review for “The Lookout” that screened last night, so I figured I’d chime in before the day really gets rolling. Today is Sally’s premiere of “A Sim-ple Romance,” and we’re all getting ready to head out to the theater in support. It’s at the Alamo Lamar, so not quite walking distance, but whatever, man, when FT represents you’ve got to support.

Last night was typical SXSW opening night debauchery. After seeing our flicks, the FT gang (sans Don, who we constantly harassed via text message), G4 and any and all other festival friends met up at the opening night party and, you know, drank beer. Miller Light and Fosters. Oh, and some of us looked at Paul Rudd and giggled (Sally invited Paul to her screening). Seeing the Rudd made me wonder if Seth Rogen had arrived, but he was not there last evening that I could tell.

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