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By Film Threat Staff | July 16, 2000

At [ ] , industrious fans of the world’s most well-known and loved sci-fi legacy have joined forces for the first ever Star Wars Academy of Fan Films. Recently, the SWAFF held an awards ceremony to honor those Star Wars buffs who pulled a Lucas and committed their Star Wars fandom to celluloid.
Says the Academy, “Our goal is to honor those that spend countless hours working on a small genre of film making known as “fan films.” Since these filmmakers base their films upon other people’s properties, they can never make a profit off of their art. This is where we step in. The SWAFF Awards are here to reward fan filmmakers and also promote the craft.”
Aside form the standard cinematic categories, awards were also doled out for Best Trailer, Best Fight Scene, and Best Cameo (which utilizes an existing Star Wars character, of course.) See the winners at [ ] , and link up to the filmmakers’ sites as well.

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