The 2014 CineKink NYC Film Festival, running February 25-March 2, 2014, has announced its lineup. From the official press release:

CineKink NYC returns for its eleventh annual appearance on Tuesday, February 25th, bringing with it a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality. In addition to screenings, plans for the festival also include a short film competition, presentations, audience choice awards, a fund-raising kick-off gala and a concluding afterglow party.

Billing itself as “the kinky film festival,” the event will run February 25-March 2, 2014. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works presented at CineKink NYC will range from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit – and everything in between.

“I’m very excited about the range and quality of the works we’re able to present this year,” said Lisa Vandever, co-founder and director of CineKink. “We’ve got just about every possible proclivity and predilection represented and, even more so than previous years, so many offerings that ride an intriguing line precisely between what might be ‘indie’ and what might be ‘adult.'”

The CineKink NYC festivities begin Tuesday, February 25th, at 8 PM, with a fundraising kick-off extravaganza to be held at Taj (48 W. 21st Street, NYC), a pansexual celebration that, in addition to music and sexy performances, offers several cinematic gems up on the screen.

The festival then moves to Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue, NYC), Wednesday, February 26 through Saturday, March 1, with several different film and video programs scheduled for each day.

An awards celebration and an AfterGlow/Oscars play party complete the festivities on Sunday, March 2.

Among the headliners, first up on Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00 PM, the festival’s CineKink Season Opener screening of THE SARNOS: A LIFE IN DIRTY MOVIES, profiles legendary sexploitation director Joe Sarno, “the Ingmar Bergman of 42nd Street,” and his wife and collaborator Peggy. Then, at 9:00 PM, a classic offering from the filmmaker’s NYC-centered prime, THE BED AND HOW TO MAKE IT!, details the sordid goings-on that transpire when a young woman goes to work as a chambermaid in her aunt’s motel.

On Thursday, February 27 at 7:00 PM, in NSWF, two strangers enter a sexy liaison that is heavy on roleplay and cloaked in the semi-anonymity of an online, casual relationship. Then, at 9:00 PM, a collection of kinky short works, AT YOUR SERVICE, explores the various dimensions and dynamics of sexual service and submission.

On Friday, March 1 at 6:30 PM, MR. ANGEL chronicles the extraordinary life of transgender advocate, educator, porn pioneer Buck Angel. At 8:30 PM, in BLURRED LINES, a hot set of hot shorts rides the line and throws a bit of everything into the mix. And at 10:30 PM, in HÄPPCHENWEISE, a video experiment brings together six protagonists – mostly unknown to each other – to talk about their sexuality and, as they become more comfortable, to act upon it.

Kicking off Saturday, March 2 at 1:00 PM, driven by the motto “America needs better porn!” THE PORNO JIM SHOW presents entertaining insights into the state of modern pornography and an overview look at what’s hot (and not) now.

At 2:30 PM the discussion continues, as the panel SEX IT UP! looks at an old aesthetic distinction – the difference between art and porn – and why it’s become increasingly irrelevant.

At 4:00 PM, a special industry showcase, BRING IT!, features a dazzling array of talent from today’s adult cinema, each representing a wide range of genres and visual styles, all stepping up with a hot sampling of their recent creative endeavors.

At 7:00 PM, BROKEN SIDE OF NOW combines photo shoots using actual photographers, and a narrative based on some of their real-life adventures, to tell the tale of one model, Dolce, who’s looking for a better life on the other side of the camera.

And at 9:45 PM, FOLSOM FOREVER is the story of how a small San Francisco street fair grew into the biggest outdoor kink and fetish event in the world, and managed to do a lot of good along the way.

CineKink NYC concludes the evening of Sunday, March 2 at7:00 PM, with an Awards Celebration, including presentation of the annual festival awards, to be followed at 8:30 PM by the CineKink Afterglow (and Oscars!) Party, one last chance to mingle with like-minded festival-goers and enjoy a few additional screenings, and continuous coverage of the Academy Awards, this time in a relaxed play party setting. The locations for both events will be announced at a later date.

For more information, visit http://cinekink.com

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