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By Alan Ng | August 16, 2018

Alberto Corredor’s Baghead is a short thriller about love, life, and the afterlife. Kevin (Oliver Walker) enters a mysterious bar manned by the Gatekeeper (Julian Seager). Kevin is there to see the Baghead (Pat Boothman). The Gatekeeper makes several pleas for Kevin to reconsider what he is about to do, but determined Kevin insists on seeing the Baghead.

“…Gatekeeper makes several pleas to reconsider, but determined Kevin insists on seeing the Baghead.”

The Baghead is a medium able to embody those who have passed into the afterlife. She only needs three things: a picture of the deceased, a personal item, and $1,000 for every minute of the séance. Kevin agrees and asks the Baghead to contact his recently deceased girlfriend, Lisa (Natalie Oliver). Is the Baghead able to contact Lisa? Is Kevin able to learn the events leading to Lisa’s death? Is Kevin prepared for the final outcome of the experience?

Baghead is a light-hearted thriller with a very simple premise and a fantastic button at the end. Writer Lorcan Reilly’s story is efficient and pertinent information is revealed at a proper pace for a short film. It carries you nicely from beginning to end. The set and lair of the Baghead is dark and creepy as well as the look and make-up effects of Baghead herself. Baghead is a solid short film worthy of just 15-minutes of your time.

Baghead (2017) Directed by Alberto Corredor. Written by Lorcan Reilly. Starring Oliver Walker, Natalie Oliver, Julian Seager, Pat Boothman, Tama Phethean. Baghead screened during the Thriller Block at the 2018 HollyShorts Film Festival.

8 out of 10 stars

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  1. Nancy Esposito says:

    I watched Baghead during the Manhattan Shorts film festival and voted for it as Best Picture. I want to know where I can purchase a copy of view the movie online. Can anyone tell me?

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