The pics continue with Film Threat founder Chris Gore joining in the fun. This guy actually met filmmakers and celebrities…

The signs are out, it must but Sundance time.

The flyer and poster board, one of many that you can promote your films on for as long as it takes before someone else covers your images up.

Gore spent the early part of Sundance 2007 working with G4, filming segments like this one about eating yellow snow.

Gore gets to hang with the Canter Brothers.

Gore and Team “Chasing Ghosts” in the CG Arcade.

Sometimes it’s hard finding the right angle to frame a poster and a picture.

Back to work! Gore interviewing Crispin Glover and David Brothers for “It is fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE.”

Can’t go home without a pic with Crispin and David.

G4 work done, it’s time to hit Main Street. Sally has an awesome hat too, by the way.

The parties on Main Street sucked…

…but at least Gore ran into funnyman John Bernstein while out and about.

More pics can be found over at Rotten Tomatoes Sundance Gallery, as Team Film Threat and Teams Rotten Tomatoes, Cinematical, eFilmCritic and AICN found themselves all hanging together at one point or another, keeping the online critical community healthy and friendly.

The final evaluation continues with the Film Threat coverage stats in Part Four of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival Final Evaluation>>>

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