By Admin | October 15, 2002

I’m a huge fan of documentaries because I enjoy learning about new things, and I think film can be a wonderful teaching tool. Until “Breaking the Barrier” came along, I knew nothing about the world of competitive rodeo, and even less about one of its rising stars named Sid Steiner, a.k.a. Sid Rock.

Steiner has been called the Dennis Rodman of rodeo. He wears loud clothes, sports blonde cornrows and has multiple piercings and tattoos. Sometimes he even has a bad attitude, though I seriously doubt he’d show up to work in a wedding dress. What this film does is give viewers an inside look at Steiner’s life through interviews with him, his wife, parents, friends and competitors, and it shows the world that for all his flash, he is actually very serious about the sport (though some claim he is ruining it with his non-traditional ways).

This film will be most appreciated by those with a love for Steiner and the rodeo. Those who have no clue as to what goes on in that world may have no reason to watch this, but if you have a desire to expose yourself to new things, there are far worse documentaries out there.

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