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By Jim Agnew | October 27, 2002

The premise for “Finding Mr. Right” is simple – a young-professional-lesbian-couple need to find a sperm donor so they can start a family. Simple enough you would think, unless that search for the perfect donor takes place in the wacky and weird City Of Angeles.
“Finding Mr. Right” is a hilarious short full of great characters and funny situations. Any short that features a new age guru, a tattooed freak obsessed with serial killers, two hot lesbians and a guy with a gas problem (once again proving fart jokes are always funny) is a must see.
“Finding Mr. Right” is a perfect example of what to do when making a short film. You don’t need a lot of money or extravagant locations. All you need is a great script, great actors and great directing to make a great short.

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