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By Mark Bell | May 25, 2006

JUNE continued…


Adam Sandler, David Hasselhoff and Christopher Walken, all in the same film? Someone’s been reading my dream journal again, particularly the passage about kooky universal remotes and neglectful fathers.

Superman Returns

I just don’t know how to feel!?! Spacey’s hamming it up, Lois Lane looks way too young to have a kid and Superman is too quiet and mime-like. Oh, and Superman likes to fly the backstroke and isn’t bothered by a bullet to the eye. I’ll pay for admission, everyone knows it.


Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest

This could very well take the crown as King of Summer 2006. Lots of action, Johnny Depp being all Keith Richards-esque again and a squid-face man. If nothing else, it looks like a fun watch, and isn’t that what summer movies are all about?

A Scanner Darkly

An animated Keanu Reeves with constantly flowing lines and he still looks lifeless. Sorry, but the line about the two hemispheres of his brain competing just makes me think about a game of Pong.

Lady in the Water

Yay! This summer, see Paul Giamatti without his shirt on! And for the record, Paul, if you’re being chased by a big dog-thing that seems interested in the water-girl you’re carrying… just drop the girl. You’ll be all set.

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