With Thanksgiving 2006 finally over, it’s time for a preview of the remaining films of 2006. Unlike most holiday previews, however, Film Threat’s Mark Bell is going audio/visual, focusing on the trailers and letting you watch them right before he tells you how he feels about them…

DECEMBER 1, 2006

The Nativity Story

For some reason, I kept thinking of the film Willow while I watched this trailer. If only Mary and Joseph were guided to Bethlehem by a Nelwyn, with Val Kilmer playing one of the wise men. Oh well, watch this tale of the miraculous, come home and put on the The Passion of the Christ, and then cry yourself to sleep.


Girls in thongs, dancing, alcohol, beaches, kidnapping, medical equipment… nothing says “holiday” like a good bout of torture porn. Between Wolf Creek, Hostel and now Turistas, I’ve decided to never leave the country.

Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj

Kal Penn takes a break from kicking the crap out of Superman on a rock-island to return to campus to help out the misfits… and this is worthy of a theatrical release, why? Most National Lampoon films slide by onto the video shelves, so what makes this one so special, because the trailer doesn’t really give much hope.

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