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Wicked Witches

By Enrique Acosta | August 9, 2019

When the evil plot of the witches and the role that Ian plays in it is revealed, Martin does the only logical thing—an ax-swinging bloodbath of vengeance. Like you do. Now the optics of a white guy being tormented for an hour by a black man and a group of women, then taking bloody vengeance on them is (at best) problematic. But, I don’t suppose something like that would even bother the Edgelord Pickering Brothers. Mark and Martin, the horror writers not the country music act you might find if you DuckDuckGo’d them.

“…a movie that steals from better movies to create something that is less than the sum of its parts.”

Of course, it isn’t all bad. The early parts of Wicked Witches show some decent camera work, and they do a credible job at building the tension. They have some talent and managed to create something that looks more professional and polished than their clearly limited budget should have allowed. But the problems with this story stem from its convoluted and utterly ridiculous script that refuses to make any sense.

If you get a chance to see this, don’t.

Wicked Witches (2019)

Directed: Martin Pickering

Written: Mark and Martin Pickering

Starring: Duncan Casey and Justin Marosa, etc.

Movie score: 1/10

Wicked Witches Image

"…a certain amount of Mr. Magoo-ness is necessary..."

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