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Where You Attwood? Truth Across America

By Alan Ng | January 12, 2024

Weird that I have to say this, but we’re not a political site. But we do try to review political films…as films. Ciaran Casey’s documentary, Where You Attwood? Truth Across America, is not necessarily a political film. It’s only political because of its subject, “English truther, podcaster, and poet Mark Attwood.” I’ve never heard of Mark Attwood until now, so here we go.

Where You Attwood? is a straightforward documentary that follows Mark Attwood on a 17-city tour across the United States spanning 31 days. The tour is part of his Truth Tour 2, which occurred in October 2022.

One issue with the film is that it doesn’t show much about Mark Attwood’s message. It hints at it by showing interactions with Mark and his fans, but I had to go on his website to figure out his message.

Attwood is primarily a poet who was called on by God to resurrect the Great (Spiritual) Awakening across the world. God gave Mark the words to speak in the form of poems, and his videos and podcasts found their way to the eyes and ears of tens of millions of people around the world. Very little of this description is in the movie.

What the film is about is Mark Attwood the man. Cameras follow Attwood from his plane flight from the U.K. to his first destination in Sacramento, California. He first travels by RV with a crazy cast of characters, including “Woody” from “Toy Story,” and teasing the appearance of Baby Trump. Due to safety concerns, he switches to a large SUV. At each stop, he speaks to a few hundred people in hotel ballrooms, signs copies of his best-selling book, God Wins, and interacts with his fans.

“…follows Mark Attwood on a 17-city tour across the United States spanning 31 days. The tour is part of his Truth Tour 2…”

The behind-the-scene antics of the tour are what Where You Attwood? is primarily about. It takes a lot to schlep equipment, books, and Mark across the country. He has a small team that travels with him, and nerves are touched occasionally, but everyone is focused on the job at hand.

What makes the tour and film so successful is Mark’s faith and his positive message. Let’s face it: this guy is on the conservative side of the political spectrum and hopes to make America great again. If the film ever gets political, it’s in the fact that it shines a light on the conservative movement hoping to dispel myths that his fans are not bed-sheet-wearing sycophants but fans who have been inspired by his writings and grasp on to the last shred of hope that their worlds will one day be better again.

I doubt Attwood’s message of love and hope is going to fall on deaf ears to those on the more left-leaning end of things. Believe me, we’ll get heat just for reviewing the film. Look, if I have to watch a Beto O’Roarke documentary, it’s only fair that I watch a Mark Attwood documentary on the other end.

Where You Attwood? is specifically made for Attwood fans. You’re not going to get much of his message, but you will get an in-depth look at Attwood, the man. It preaches to the choir, and I honestly don’t think he’ll convert any of his detractors. It would take a miracle, which is pretty much the point of the film.

I give it kudos for its positive message but push back on having to do outside research to know who the man is and his part in the political divide that splits this nation.

Where You Attwood? Truth Across America (2023)

Directed and Written: Ciaran Casey

Starring: Mark Attwood, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Where You Attwood? Truth Across America Image

"…a poet who was called on by God to resurrect the Great (Spiritual) Awakening across the world."

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  1. Patricia Dewhurst says:

    I am a Mark Attwood fan and loved the film too but I do know his message very well and his poetry has been known to make me cry. He has done much besides, e.g, an amazing truther retreat in the Marrocan Sahara where 50 women mostly from English people countries,, aged between 39 and 83 plus 1 man, Crai,g from Cardiff congregated and enjoyed each other’s company hugely. Craig newly divorced was loved by all. A year later, we are all still in touch. He has also held events at Manchester (2), Birmingham and a few in Ireland where he lives. All are filmed by Ciaran Casey.
    Thanks for doing reviewing the film impartially.

  2. Abby Wynne says:

    I watched Mark’s movie, ‘Where You Attwood’, in one sitting. While Mark was over in the USA I was there with him in spirit, doing healing work for him, and for the group. There were numerous spiritual attacks on them all, some of which transpired into physical events such as car break-downs, misunderstandings, and physical pain. So when I saw the movie it all came back into my mind – including the stress!
    The raw honesty of this film bites to the bone. It’s not a movie about Mark, or Mark’s poetry, though his poetry has lifted the hearts that travelled to the Truth Tour events to see him. This movie is about people breaking through the chains that bound them for years and years, to declare ‘No More,’ together.
    I know there were hundreds of hours that didn’t get into the final cut. Ciaran did an amazing job with the coherence, pacing, sound and quality. I missed the footage shared on YouTube of him singing his rap song! What was portrayed is inspiring, invigorating, and filled me with hope for humanity. The Humans are the species in all the Sci-Fi that never give up, that keep pushing through, This is real life, and a similar sentiment came across strongly in this movie. God Wins, because of incredible people like the ones working in the background on the Truth Tour, like the people standing up giving their all on the stage, and the people that travelled out to come and see them.
    I’m waiting for the ‘directors special edition extra-long cut’, which may never happen. But we are living it – it’s already in our hearts. ‘Where You Attwood’ is an incredible record of the courage we the people summoned up to deal with, and overcome, what we have been living through.
    Abby Wynne
    PS – And you really really should buy Mark’s book – God Wins. It is a tangible record of what we have survived, and proof that we are still here, that God Wins.

  3. Kevin Pasko says:

    It’s an epic documentary creatively depicting never before seen behind the scenes of the truth tour 2 from the eyes of the cast and crew involved and their perspectives we all experienced on the best road trip ever. It highlights only the tip of the iceberg of all the emotional roller coaster of heartfelt love and light that all shared across America. Amazingly brilliant creatively edited and creatively genius with amazing cast and crew making history while educating and reassuring the hearts and minds of we the people that you’re not crazy and you’re not alone and that we’re on the right path we need to unite and save the children and ourselves.Just don’t comply with government insanity Remember your oath Nothing can stop what’s coming. We got this. God wins wwg1wga

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