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Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

By Alan Ng | June 30, 2020

Lust, crime, and greed are woven together in a complicated web of deceit in Josh Pierson’s Where Sleeping Dogs Lie. Crime rarely pays, and simple “jobs” are never simple, which becomes the foundation for Pierson’s story.

Our “hero” is Jeff (Jesse Janzen). While enjoying a meal at a local diner, he is visited by a tattooed, ear gage-wearing thug, who warns Jeff that the $135,000 he owed to a mysterious mobster is just about due. The boss expects full payment on time.

When survival means you need big money fast, crime is the only place to go. Fortunately, Jeff is having an affair with the wife of a wealthy land developer, Bob (David Espinosa). Bob has a large stash of cash hiding in his home that not even his wife, Tracy (Jillian Rohrbach), knows about…or does she?

“Jeff quickly enlists his best friend, Tim, and brother Barry, to join him on his home invasion heist.”

Jeff quickly enlists his best friend, Tim (Tommy Koponen), and brother Barry (Dustin Miller), to join him on his home invasion heist. Unfortunately, finding the money is not going to be easy…that is if the money is there at all.

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie is a true low-budget independent film, whose limited resources and talent pool both works for and against the overall quality of the film. The real question becomes whether audience attention can be captured from start to finish.

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (2020)

Directed and Written: Josh Pierson

Starring: Jessie Janzen, Dustin Miller, Tommy Koponen, David Espinosa, Jillian Rohrbach, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie Image

"…building a strong production team is vital for upping one’s cinematic game."

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