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Among Thieves

By Chris Salce | May 19, 2020

Among Thieves follows a group of American thieves stranded in Latin America after a botched heist. It is almost the typical “heist gone wrong” kind of film except the film is in half English and half Spanish, what we in the Latino culture would call “Spanglish”…well, I guess Adam Sandler would call it that too.

“…a group of American thieves stranded in Latin America after a botched heist.”

The film starts in the action, like Reservoir Dogs, but in a semi-trailer. The team is all yelling at each other because of the way the heist went down. They are all surrounding a car with broken windows, so you know it wasn’t a clean getaway. They are stuck in the trailer because the diesel truck has broken down somewhere in Mexico. And from there, everything that you think can go wrong does.

Detective Alonso (Roberto Medina) brings in a retired and rugged vet, Hector (Randy Vasquez), whose unscrupulous ways means that he will do anything to catch the thieves. While Alonso is enlisting Hector’s help, outside of the bar that he and his wife work at, one of the thieves happen to walk in (I’m sure there’s a joke somewhere there). This is where things get too purposely coincidental for me – the thief needs a car to get back to the trailer where the rest of the guys are. Out of the five vehicles in the parking lot, the thief just so happens to steal the detective’s BMW. These kinds of coincidences happen throughout Among Thieves and are a little too much.

Among Thieves (2020)

Directed and Written: K.C. Schrimpl

Starring: Aaron Farb, Phil Miler, Joe Connolley Jr., Evan Judson, Jeremy Sless, Roberto Medina, Randy Vasquez, etc.

Movie score: 5.5/10

Among Thieves Image

"…things get too purposely coincidental..."

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