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War of Colors

By Benjamin Franz | September 26, 2022

Emir Kurova’s short film, War of Colors, explores the life of a young woman named Rue (Diandra Forrest). She has albinism, and her life in modern-day America seems to be very hard.

“…[Rue is] a black woman with no melanin to speak of.”

In a racially diverse America, there will always be people who are excluded. Rue falls into that category as a black woman with no melanin to speak of. The challenge in the land of opportunity is finding a way to rise above the adverse reactions passersby and coworkers give you to be your authentic self. This is the challenge Rue confronts at a slam poetry session.

I found War of Colors to be a wonderful and succinct meditation on the nature of race. It’s a tonally poetic movie, and the cinematography is fantastic. There’s a lyrical quality to the angles selected to tell Rue’s story. Seek out Kurova’s drama, as it/s a warm and introspective 20 minutes that everyone should experience. And the slam poetry is pretty great.

For screening information, visit the War of Colors official website.

War of Colors (2022)

Directed and Written: Emir Kurova

Starring: Diandra Forrest, Curtis J. McDaniel, Wil Santiago, Adam Mendez Jr., Daniel Fitzgerald, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

War of Colors Image

"…a wonderful and succinct meditation on the nature of race."

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