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By Kate Beacom | August 22, 2021

Throughout the U.S. South, African-American graveyards and burial sites for enslaved people have been largely forgotten. Unmarked follows the journey of activists, historians, and descendants of enslaved people in Virginia to uncover and preserve these burial grounds.

Directors Brad J. Bennett and Christopher Haley have crafted an excellent documentary. Apart from the basically perfect technical execution, the interviews are extremely informative, emotional, and personal, setting the whole film’s tone.

“…graveyards and burial sites for enslaved people have been largely forgotten.”

The footage of the volunteers clearing away thick vines and caring for these spaces sums up the best parts of the documentary for me. It’s inspiring to see these community members working together on this important conservation of American history, especially as they explain the roadblocks they encounter trying to get the local government on board the projects.

Unmarked clocks in around just 40 minutes, but I hope there’s a plan for a feature-length documentary. Great stories and a very human-focused lens make it fly by, and I am left wanting more.

Unmarked (2021)

Directed: Brad J. Bennett, Christopher Haley

Written: Imani Chacha, Christopher Haley, Austin Journey

Starring: Crystal Rosson, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Unmarked Image

"…I hope there’s a plan for a feature-length documentary."

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