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Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas loves sci-fi, and he’s channeled that love into his short film, Time Cop – Justice Has a New Name.

The world is on the precipice of a full dystopian future. The world’s last hope, Time Cop (Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas), and his Time Deputy (Remy Hunter Kidd) meet up in a late-nite diner to go over their next mission. The evil Mr. Klu is about to flood the streets with his new super-drug “yeast.” If he does, there will be no stopping him as the drug will no longer be contained.

Our duo must infiltrate Klu’s lair before it’s too late, but what our heroes don’t know is that Klu now owns an ancient blade possessed by an evil that can only be stopped using their time travel powers and aided by the gods of Space, Light, and Dark Matter.

“The evil Mr. Klu is about to flood the streets with his new super-drug ‘yeast.’

Time Cop – Justice Has a New Name can best be described with the word fun. Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas is having fun on screen, and we’re having fun in return. Finding inspiration from comic books, the action morphs from live-action to comic book panels. Some may find the comic book elements, off-the-shelf VFX, and puppets cheesy, but to me, it’s all part of the charm. Where the film shines is its story, where it balances the right amount of action and camp.

At first, Time Cop – Justice Has a New Name appears to be about a pair of wannabe cops chasing drugs. But, by the end, we have a fully developed story, and our two leads are very different people. This inventive short may not be perfect or polished, but what we get to see the emergence of a budding indie filmmaker with a story to tell and the right amount of moviemaking tools to make him dangerous.

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Time Cop - Justice Has a New Name (2022)

Directed and Written: Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas

Starring: Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas, Remy Hunter Kidd, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

Time Cop - Justice Has a New Name Image

"…Ethan Hawthorne-Dallas is having fun on screen..."

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