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Til Death Do Us Part

By Bobby LePire | May 25, 2023

The University has rules. The University has the resources and means to ensure those rules are followed. Unfortunately for the nameless bride at the heart of Timothy Woodward Jr.’s Til Death Do Us Part, she’s about to discover the true reach of this secretive institution. Is the action-packed journey worth the reveals that come at the end?

It’s the big day for the Bride (producer Natalie Burn) and the Groom (Ser’Darius Blain), both of who work for The University. The Groom had to convince The University to bend some of its regulations for the loving couple to move forward. And that makes it all the worse when the Bride leaves the Groom at the altar. Hoping to retrieve her alive, the Best Man (Cam Gigandet) and the Groomsmen (D.Y. Sao, Neb Chupin, Sam Lee Herring, Orlando Jones, Alan Silva, and Pancho Moler) go to her house, hoping to talk sense into the lady.

However, the Bride isn’t interested in talking. So, the wedding party is forced to use the skills and combat training The University has given them. But the Bride is also from there, so she can fight back. All the while, there are flashbacks highlighting the job where the Bride and Groom grew close, as seeing a vacationing couple (Jason Patric and Nicole Arlyn) puts things into perspective. So, why, oh why then, did the Bride bail on the wedding? And what exactly is The University, and why are they so feared?

Til Death Do Us Part starts in the church as people gather, the wedding party arrives, and seemingly, it’s going to be a romantic comedy (or drama). But it is not. Writers Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor go a different route, and that is refreshing. While comparisons to Kill Bill are inevitable, there are far worse films out there to be influenced by. The mix of comedy, interpersonal dynamics, and kickass action works here, especially because the story structure plays its hand close to the vest for as long as possible.

“…the Bride isn’t interested in talking. So, the wedding party is forced to use the skills and combat training…”

Woodward Jr. keeps the momentum chugging along and the hand-to-hand fights exciting. The Bride has to vary her fighting styles depending on which groomsmen she’s battling. This keeps things feeling fresh and fun. The director also maintains the proper balance between the comedy, action, and romance, which is crucial for the ending to work.

The cast of Til Death Do Us Part also do an excellent job. Burn is terrific, playing the love for the Groom authentically while also selling her worry for their future together. Blain is charismatic as the stood-up groom, and the flashbacks let him flex his more tender side. When Gigandet started out, he was a blank slate. But whoever it was that told him to lean into comedy made the right call. From something like Bad Johnson to Violent Night, he has proven to have excellent comedic chops. They are put to wonderful use here, and Gigandet has never been better.

It is also delightful to see Jones back in action. Patric doesn’t have a large role, but his natural commanding presence makes the most of it. His chemistry with Arlyn is also excellent, making this couple’s subplot/backstory something worth investing in.

Til Death Do Us Part is a suprising little actioner. The direction effortlessly balances the action, comedy, and heart, while the screenplay and story structure reveals their hand at exactly the right time. Now add the excellent cast, and one gets a fun ride chockful of action, romance, and humor.

Til Death Do Us Part (2023)

Directed: Timothy Woodward Jr.

Written: Chad Law, Shane Dax Taylor

Starring: Natalie Burn, Cam Gigandet, Ser'Darius Blain, D.Y. Sao, Neb Chupin, Sam Lee Herring, Orlando Jones, Alan Silva, Pancho Moler, Jason Patric, Nicole Arlyn, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Til Death Do Us Part Image

"…a suprising little actioner."

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