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Bar Fight

By Alan Ng | May 17, 2023

Benjamin R. Moody’s action short, Bar Fight, again proves Big Hollywood doesn’t own the action genre. Instead, there are indie filmmakers in the wings, ready to take over.

Aaron D. Alexander stars as a bartender closing up his downstairs bar for the night. It is just another typical night until there’s an ominous thud on the bar’s front door. After a warning to identify themselves, Alexander turns around to find three hooded thugs wielding machetes ready to attack.

“…Alexander turns around to find three hooded thugs wielding machetes…”

Running just under five minutes, Bar Fight is all action as Alexander attempts to subdue and kill his assailants. The filmmaker effectively combines fast-paced fight choreography with equally excellent camera work from Travis Jones. The fight sequences make great use of the bar setting. Plus, there’s ample use of blood and gore for added effect.

Bar Fight is pretty light on story. But we are definitely here for the action, which Moody gives us plenty of.

For more information about Bar Fight, visit the Blue Goggles Films website.

Bar Fight (2023)

Directed and Written: Benjamin R. Moody

Starring: Aaron D. Alexander, Donald Brooks, Hector Gonzales, Nelson Nathaniel, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Bar Fight Image

"…combines fast-paced fight choreography with equally excellent camera work..."

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