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The Turner Exhibit

By Bobby LePire | June 6, 2020

Written and directed by Matthew Bainbridge, The Turner Exhibit is too short to work correctly. What is present during this 25-minute drama is good but barely scratches the surface of the underlying tension that propels the plot forward, and its abrupt ending has no time to sink in. But, I am getting ahead of myself. What is the film about?

“This divide between brothers and significant others is causing a rift between everyone caught in its path.”

Alex (David Costabile) and his wife Lisa (Michele Pawk) spend most of their time taking care of their daughter Alice (Elisabeth Cassedy). She is unable to do the most basic things, such as brush her teeth without assistance. This has taken a financial, mental, and physical toll on both of them, though they are doing the best they can. Conversely, Alex’s brother Anthony (JD Callum), and his family have a picture-perfect life… well, they seem to at least.

They send pictures and home videos of their holiday excursions to Alex’s family, as a way to make them feel included. But outside of those snapshots, the Turners’ life is not as great as they let on. Jeanette (Angelica Page) is receiving calls from an unknown caller claiming to be her husband’s mistress. Whenever she confronts Anthony about these calls, he never knows what she is talking about. This divide between brothers and significant others is causing a rift between everyone caught in its path. Who is calling Jeanette? Is lording his superior financial status over Alex the only thing that makes Anthony happy?

The Turner Exhibit (2020)

Directed and Written: Matthew Bainbridge

Starring: David Costabile, Michele Pawk, JD Callum, Angelica Page, Elisabeth Cassedy, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

The Turner Exhibit Image

"…...a short film...needs to know precisely when to begin and end its story."

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