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The Scottish Play

By Abhishek Sharma | November 21, 2022

There are several interpretations of Shakespeare’s works in movies. Still, only a few have taken to rewriting his stories through a character that pays homage to the great playwright. Brill is the highlight of The Scottish Play. He, of course, had the most challenging job of playing a renowned figure, which he brilliantly executed. The actor speaks only in verse, cleverly adding humor, flirtation, and even anger to his voice while sustaining a calm expression on his face. His appearance and his attitude have flamboyant traits. Exuberantly assured of his work’s stature, this iteration of William Shakespeare shows pride.

The Scottish Play is thoroughly simple. There are no exotic costumes, giant sets, or dramatic effects. Like Adam’s on-screen production, The Scottish Play is a small-scale project. And that’s why Boynton exclusively focuses on conversations between characters to add subtexts to his story. Boynton’s writing of all-verse dialogues well represents his deep seeded passion for Shakesperean works. The careful writing elevates this beyond the basic subjects of theater production. Though it seems overwhelming at first, the viewers shall eventually grow into the plot, especially after Brill sparkle up the screen.

“…amusing and emotionally fulfilling…”

Most importantly, The Scottish Play is fun. The movie is amusing and emotionally fulfilling in all its themes and homage to Shakespeare, along with discussions on the playwright’s traits. The film doesn’t delve into serious on-screen effects and ensures to keep the vibe lively and happening. The film will make you laugh, and it shall excite you, but it successfully remains heart-warming.

The Scottish Play lavishly caters to theater enthusiasts, aspirants, and Shakespeare fans. It’s an elegant tribute to the playwright made adorable by excellent acting, a brilliant script, and an enlightening discussion on Macbeth’s, and by extension, Shakespeare’s, legacy. It’s not without technical flaws, but it has adapted Macbeth’s history into worthwhile material.

The Scottish Play (2022)

Directed and Written: Keith Boynton

Starring: Tina Benko, Peter Mark Kendall, Will Brill, Geraint Wyn Davies, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Scottish Play Image

"…adapted Macbeth's history into worthwhile material."

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