By Admin | August 11, 2003

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Naked hippies! Nnnnoooooooo! Hey, but these hippies are into white water rafting. Extreme hippies. I think I can get into this one. But they’re still naked. Boooooooooo.
In 1978, director Robb Moss documented a month-long river trip he and 17 of his friends embarked on. There was camping, there was white water rafting and there was tons of nudity. Fortunately, these stripped down folks are easier on the eyes than your average nudists, but watching them frolic in the sun with their junk hanging out, you have to be thankful that the Great God Nair has blessed us with waxing.
We then shoot forward 20 years for interviews with a handful of these hippies turned middle-aged upstanding members of society, some with families. There’s a couple mayors, an author and one of the guys has stuck with his roots and remains an eccentric outdoorsman, living life as a violin playing river guide.
The new interview footage with these people is highly entertaining, especially when they look back at their youthful days and are like, “What the hell was I thinking?” They still look back upon those times and their friends with fond memories; they just have to hide the fact they did a shitload of psychedelics from their kids.
It’s a no-brainer that this film will appeal to the middle-aged crowd who indulged in the ‘60s and ’70s proper. But even for a youngun like myself, I found the film thoroughly entertaining and was even laughing out-loud along with the rest of the audience. Congratulations to Robb Moss for making such a crowd-pleaser. But more importantly, congratulations to Moss for having such interesting friends.

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