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10 Apps an Ambitious Screenwriter Must Have

By Chris Gore | May 15, 2019

Most people think that all a writer needs is some inspiration and something to write with. But inspiration can be a fickle master. Luckily, these days screenwriters have technology on their side. There are now plenty of apps out there that can help ease and speed up the process of writing.

Funny enough, many screenwriters don’t think to turn to technology to help them. Maybe it’s a lingering need to stick to old-school (and thus more glamorous) methods. Or it could be that people tend to not think about apps when they’re looking for writing tips. But as the popular saying goes, there really is an app for that. Writers just need to know where to find it and what to look for.

So take a look at this list of handy apps that will help any budding or experienced screenwriter hone their craft.

1. Grammarly

Writers make spelling or grammar mistakes sometimes, even experienced ones. Avoid having to go through intense edits with the Grammarly app, which detects errors in real time.

2. Scriptnotes

This is a podcast app that was created by screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin. It features episodes that talk about screenwriting, things screenwriters would be interested in and offers screenwriting tips from experts.

3. Celtx Script

This versatile scriptwriting app allows screenwriters to type out their scripts on mobile devices. It supports online backups and saves in different formats. Celtx also allows for collaboration through script syncing across devices and comments and notes.

4. Lists For Writers

This app provides a “two for one” service. It generates a host of writing ideas and writing prompts, including names, action verbs, traits, and plot lines. It also includes full dictionary support and a “notes” feature to store ideas or words.

5. Evernote

Writers take on the process of writing in different ways, but many make use of extensive notes. One never knows when inspiration will strike, so it’s important to have something handy lest the brilliant idea is forgotten. Evernote accepts both typed and handwritten notes and allows for images and audio to be added. Plus all of it can be organized neatly.

6. Writer Duet

Screenplays aren’t always a one-person feat. This user-friendly screenwriting app allows teams to share their work through a secure channel. It allows for both real-time and linear collaborative editing.

7. Mindly (Mind Mapping)

No story comes together without a little brainstorming. Mindly provides a place where writers can jot down and organize their ideas in mind maps. These then provide a visual representation of ideas that are easy to edit and digest.

8. Offtime

One of the biggest challenges that a writer has to overcome every day is distractions. These days distractions often come in the form of calls, emails, and messages from others. Offtime lets a person select which features they want to have blocked, including calls, notifications, and other apps.

9. Forest: Stay focused

Social media and casual browsing is another big distraction that mobile phones facilitate. Stop this habit in its tracks with Forest – a gamified timer app that plays on a person’s need to win. Basically, a tree grows as long as the app is open. It dies if the person minimizes or leaves the app before the timer runs out.

10. Brain.fm

This music app uses unique research that selects music designed to help a person focus. There are many different tracks and themes to choose from.

In Conclusion

Any of these apps could be of great help to a screenplay writer who wants to improve their planning or writing processes.

It’s also worth looking into getting a VPN. Come of these apps aren’t always available everywhere because of geo-blocking. There are legitimate reasons for this, but it’s always frustrating to get that “App Not Available in Your Country” error message.

In this case, a VPN comes in handy. A virtual private network replaces a device’s IP address with one in a region of the user’s choosing. Thus the app store will think the user is in that country and allow the download/purchase. Most VPN providers also have apps, making the process of installing one quick and painless.


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