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The One Note Man

By Benjamin Franz | October 5, 2023

Personally speaking, I would have never imagined there could be a praxis, a meeting point, between the Bassoon and love. Clearly, this is why The One Note Man is the oft-kilter brainchild of George Siougas. The writer-director has helmed quite a few short films and episodic television. The structure and production quality of this particular short is top-notch. Clearly, this is a storyteller who excels at short fiction.

The bassoonist in question (Jason Watkins) is demonstrated as having a perfectly ordered life that moves as if on autopilot, even down to the perfunctory performance of his one elongated note upon the Bassoon. This is all thrown in chaos when The One Note Man encounters a vivacious and lovely older violinist (Louisa Clein). Everything in his life goes a bit topsy-turvy, and he must figure out a way to achieve a new equilibrium.

“…encounters a vivacious and lovely older violinist…”

This is a glorious short film. It’s quite possibly the most enchanting Christmas time fable I have witnessed in years. The fact that legendary actor Ian McKellen (!) provides the brief yet whimsical narration for this 20-minute short causes my heart to sing with joy. I adore McKellen’s voice. It’s deep and brusque with a honeyed inflection. His was an absolutely lovely voice to narrate Stardust, and it’s perfectly resonant, much like the chamber of a bassoon in service of The One Note Man.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch the wondrous little The One Note Man. For it is a joyous Christmas time confection.

The One Note Man (2023)

Directed and Written: George Siougas

Starring: Jason Watkins, Louisa Clein, Ian McKellen, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

The One Note Man Image

"…a joyous Christmas time confection."

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  1. Roger Birnstingl says:

    lovely film and Jason Watkins really looks as if he can play more that ONE NOTE. However who is the real performer on the bassoon, heard but not seen?

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