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The Meadows

By Alan Ng | September 30, 2020

What I love about indie filmmaking is if you have a story, you can tell it. I’ve made the challenge—tell your story, and I’ll watch it. There are times I regret making that challenge.

Luke Allen’s The Meadows is an erotic horror-thriller about a porno shoot gone wrong. Our lead is Dante Forbes (Juan Caceres), who cares for his family home, the Heller house. It’s been a dream of his to direct and produce classy pornography. To that end, he converts the abandoned house into a porno studio.

“…more bodies start to pile up, and the production team decides to finish the movie…”

After shooting a particularly “hot” scene for his opus, “Hotel O,” lead actress, Tina (Sandra Wade), goes to freshen up after her encounter with the well-endowed Dick Rockard (Elijah Davis). When Tina is late to set, Dick searches for her, only to discover her dead body near the shower.

Needing to complete the film paid for by the mysterious Inferno Productions, Dante hides Tina’s body and continues filming. Nothing more can go wrong with “Hotel O,” as a critic is sent to review it while still in production (???). Anyways, more bodies start to pile up, and the production team decides to finish the movie over the weekend… and then maybe call the police.

The task at hand? Complete the film on time, and if they’re lucky, figure out who the murderer is. Is it Kitty Kuntz (Samantha Solar), Dante’s muse with a secret of her own? Ralph and Max, the so-called production team? How about Detective Donovan, who’s looking for this daughter Tina? Who could it be? Anybody!

The Meadows (2020)

Directed and Written: Luke Allen

Starring: Samantha Solar, Juan Caceres, Sandra Wade, Rachel Smith, Elijah Davis, Michelle Biddle-Rowland, Jacquelyn Davis, etc.

Movie score: 4/10

The Meadows Image

"…is the film so bad, it's good? That's a tough one."

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