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The Legend Of Lake Hollow

By Bobby LePire | March 14, 2024

The Legend Of Lake Hollow is the feature-length debut of director Chris Hollo. It is also the sophomore effort of screenwriter Jerry Robbins. It’s billed as a horror film, though truth be told, it is much more of a mystery-thriller, with the scares really only coming in the third act. So, is the mystery compelling enough to get audiences to stay until the chills set in?

Mark (James David West) and his best friend, Carson (Brendan Bald), arrive at a cabin by Lake Hollow all ready for a weekend away. Joining in this guys’ trip is Mark’s brother Dan (Kyle Rankin), who shows up with his fiance, Shay (Liz Atwater), and Shay’s bestie Laurie (Meg Barlowe) in tow. While this is a surprise to Mark and Carson, everyone settles in for a fun time in the woods.

Before long, the group discovers a bruised local named Grady (Austin Copps), who is rambling on about the lake people. Then Al (Will Waldron) checks in as he’s the groundskeeper for the summer rental. He, too, warns of the strange things happening in the woods, all caused by the lake people. As the night bleeds into the morning, strange voices and disappearing fires beset these hapless young adults. Are the lands haunted and seeking revenge on how people treat the environment? Is the new setting and isolation messing with their heads?

“…strange voices and disappearing fires beset these hapless young adults.”

The Legend Of Lake Hollow is not scary, though several scenes are quite eerie. As mentioned earlier, this is far more of a mystery, and on that front, this is astounding. Robbins has written a twisty tale that takes some inventive swings within the cabin in the woods subgenre. Until the last few minutes, all watching will not have a proper clue as to what’s happening. Happily, the characters are engaging enough to hold the audience’s attention. Dan’s distaste for his brother’s job at a fracking firm is established early on and becomes an integral part of the story. Dan and Shay’s relationship is sweet and loving. While some stupid decisions are made by these people, as happens in all horror, such rash acts come from the genuine concern they have for each other.

Hollo’s direction skillfully captures the uncertainty and eerie atmosphere of being in a new location. He and director of photography Joshua Shreve make the forest feel alive with possibly supernatural elements. The cast, led by James David West and Brendan Bald, bring their characters to life with heart and empathy. Dave LaGrande’s music, adventurous and chilling, adds another layer to the production quality.

The Legend Of Lake Hollow may not satisfy hardcore horror fans or gore hounds who need all the bloodletting they can get. However, for viewers who appreciate an excellent, unpredictable mystery with a side of eeriness, this movie is a perfect fit. Its unique blend of genres and its ability to keep viewers engaged with its characters and story make it a standout.

The Legend Of Lake Hollow (2024)

Directed: Chris Hollo

Written: Jerry Robbins

Starring: James David West, Brendan Bald, Kyle Rankin, Liz Atwater, Meg Barlowe, Austin Copps, Will Waldron, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

The Legend Of Lake Hollow Image

"…excellent, unpredictable..."

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