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The In-Between

By Bradley Gibson | November 30, 2019

In The In-Between Mads (Jennifer Stone of The Wizards of Waverly Place) and Junior (Mindy Bledsoe, who also directed the film) are best friends who set out on a road trip to Portland from L.A. The difficulty level is that they are barely functional as adults, beset with layers of challenges that range from crippling emotional damage to physical illness. Mads is diabetic, and Junior has a self-diagnosed chronic pain syndrome.

Mads needs to go through South Dakota to renew her driver’s license, while Junior is making a memorial pilgrimage in honor of her dead sister, hoping for a liberating catharsis. She had planned to come to Portland with her sister to see the world’s smallest park (a tree planted in a median strip, which is appropriately called “Portlandia”). Along the way, she leaves shot glasses in all the places they would have seen together. 

She had planned to come to Portland with her sister to see the world’s smallest park…”

Once they reach Portland, the real fun starts when Mads reveals a secret she’s been keeping that will change the whole vibe of the trip. 

In Portland, they stay with Mads’ brother Miles (Rane Jameson), a successful software engineer living in a beautiful downtown loft. His life seems to be the antithesis of theirs as an organized and healthy adult.

Like the main characters, The In-Between is an uneven film. There are transcendent moments of pure gold captured in the pathos of Junior processing her past and dealing with present-day consequences, and in Mads struggling to understand what happened with her mother. 

The In-Between (2019)

Directed: Mindy Bledsoe

Written: Mindy Bledsoe, Rob Senksa, Jennifer Stone

Starring: Mindy Bledsoe, Jennifer Stone, Rane Jameson, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

The In-Between Image

"…there are transcendent moments of pure gold."

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