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By Doug Brunell | August 7, 2003

A short, fake television sitcom complete with a laugh track and a kid in an adult role. What the hell can you make of that?
Don Bourgeois (Cameron Knutson) is a boy who works at an office and is fighting for a promotion. His wife (Debra N. Chase) is constantly nagging him about spending more time with the family, and it seems he has the hots for his daughter’s teenage friend, Tina (Jodi Dirk). Toss in a punk son who wears more makeup than Don’s girls, and a baby Don incorrectly thought was a boy, and you have an interesting little film that has a few laughs but never really goes anywhere … sorta like the standard sitcom it mocks.
There are some funny scenes of Don cursing, drinking and experiencing erectile dysfunction, and there is one truly great moment where he comes home drunk, spies Tina bending over and yells, “Great a*s!” Moments like that make this worth watching, though they are few and far between.
Good concept. Good execution. Needs more laughs.

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