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The Complex

By Alan Ng | April 2, 2020

As far as an interactive sci-fi thriller goes, the story is not bad. It has as much depth as the two-hours of cut scenes you endure in your favorite games. Because there are multiple endings and various paths to get there, the story is just good enough to bear repeated viewings. As a story, it’s an okay corporate thriller blended with biological terror.

Now, let’s move along to the interactive part. This is the most exciting element of the movie. The Complex is not a “choose your own adventure” story with multiple branches leading to dozens of potential endings. The film takes a different approach. We are presented with the main storyline through the first 3/4th of the movie. At many points throughout the story, you, as Dr. Tennant, are asked to make a decision on her behalf. These decisions define her personality as opposed to making some actual A or B choices to affect the narrative.

“…asked to make a decision on her behalf. These decisions define her personality…”

While you’re walking down the path of the story, you’re confronted with a situation. For example, a patient is going through convulsions. She asks if she’s going to live. Do you A) answer positively or B) answer accurately? You make a choice leading to one of two outcomes. The outcome plays out, and you’re snapped back into the main storyline. Also, you’ve just informed the game regarding Dr. Tennant’s honesty score. As you continue, you’re adding points to Dr. Tennant’s honesty, bravery, curiosity, intelligence, and sensitivity. At one particular moment, based on your overall score, you’ll experience 1 of 9 endings, and you still make vital choices within those endings.

I watched the movie twice and unlocked two separate conclusions. I also uncovered extra scenes the second time around. And on my replay, I was a little more aware of how my choices could affect my score. Also, you can keep certain characters alive in one timeline and kill them off in another. If you’re on the Xbox One, like me, there’s plenty of achievements to earn.

Overall, I like the form of interactivity presented in The Complex. It’s compelling, and you’re sure to have a good time. I love that you’re able to develop a character with real personality traits, and this just adds to the type of story you can tell and makes the replays more fun and exciting and also makes the final ending more fun to unlock. The game is set up for nine endings with other scenes to open, which means there’s a great deal of replay value here, and unlike your video games, it’s done in less than 90 minutes.

The Complex is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The Complex (2020)

Directed: Paul Raschid

Written: Lynn Renee Maxcy

Starring: Michelle Mylett, Kate Dickie, Al Weaver, Kim Adis, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Complex Image

"…based on your overall score, you’ll experience 1 of 9 endings..."

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