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The Complex

By Alan Ng | April 2, 2020

One way to keep an audience engaged with your movie is to make it interactive, and that’s precisely what Paul Raschid and Lynn Renee Maxcy do with their film The Complex. This sci-fi thriller can only be viewed on your favorite gaming device to unleash the interactivity. I watched the movie on my Xbox One, but it’s also available on the PS4, Switch, and Steam-powered devices.

Let’s just get that pesky old story out of the way. You play Dr. Amy Tennant (Michelle Mylett), or at least you make decisions for her. She is the leading authority on wartime chemical weapons. After a horrific attack several years before in the country of Kindar, Dr. Tennant now is developing new nanotechnology with her friend, Dr. Kensington (Kate Dickie), to help cure diseases and injuries from within your body.

“…a horrible incident occurs on the London Tube. An intern is found sick and coughing up blood.”

While making a presentation to the Kensington Lab investors, a horrible incident occurs on the London Tube. An intern is found sick and coughing up blood. It appears this intern, Clare (Kim Adis), was injected with Dr. Tennant’s only batch of experimental nanites. It seems the technology is not working and is attacking Clare from inside.

The severely ill Clare is flown back to “The Complex,” Kensington’s high-security laboratory, to extract the nanites and hopefully save Clare’s life. But something more sinister is afoot. The lab is attacked by one of the team’s doctors with a political agenda. Also, a group of mercenaries is trying to infiltrate the lab and steal Clare and the nanites coursing through her bloodstream.

There’s a mystery to be solved, and the only people Dr. Tennant can trust (maybe) is her former “partner,” Rees (Al Weaver), and possibly the sick and dying Clare.

The Complex (2020)

Directed: Paul Raschid

Written: Lynn Renee Maxcy

Starring: Michelle Mylett, Kate Dickie, Al Weaver, Kim Adis, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Complex Image

"…based on your overall score, you’ll experience 1 of 9 endings..."

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