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The All-Americans

By Chris Salce | November 13, 2019

Many of us do not like to discuss politics or social issues. But a lot of the time, what is going on in the real world reflects what happens in the things we watch. The people that try to avoid the issues are also ones that want change, but how can we change things if we don’t talk about them or see things from another perspective? That’s what documentaries do. Most of the time, documentaries show us in-depth perspectives of something or someone that we only have seen from a distance. When it comes to The All-Americans, the perspective is too close to home and is happening in a lot of our communities.

“The East L.A. Classic brings rival high schools…and 25,000 people of the community together every year to cheer on their hometown team.”

East L.A. is the center of the nation’s largest Latino community. It is also where one of the biggest high school football rivalries takes place. The East L.A. Classic brings rival high schools Roosevelt and Garfield, and 25,000 people of the community together every year to cheer on their hometown team. It is the game that is looked forward to the most and regarded as the biggest game of the football season. Aside from football, there are other issues the East L.A. community has to deal with. Some of these student athletes who are roughly ages 16-18 have to worry about providing for their families, getting into college, and now with the country’s current social issues, some of these students’ families have to worry about deportation. That’s a lot for a teenager to have to deal with. For these students, football acts as a getaway from the rest of the world that can sometimes be too much.

The All-Americans (2019)

Directed and Written: Billy McMillin

Starring: Mario Ramirez, Joseph Silva, Sammy Hernandez, Stevie Williams, Javier Cid, Lorenzo Hernandez, Alfred Robelo, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

The All-Americans Image

"…dreams of going to Princeton, where he actually received a letter of acceptance..."

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