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The All-Americans

By Chris Salce | November 13, 2019

The All-Americans takes us into the lives of some of the star football players from each team and some of the teams’ coaches. We get more than just a glimpse into their lives as the film documents their highs and lows. Both schools are evenly focused on, and I found myself never truly rooting for either team, but rather both. Director Billy McMillin does a great job showing the true stories of these teams, and from where I grew up, these stories are very relatable. Each teams’ season is highlighted throughout the documentary until it gets to the biggest game of the season, the East L.A. Classic. Once it gets to the Classic, I felt the intensity of the game through the screen. It felt like I was watching a live pro football playoff game. The build-up of the game is done so well that you can only imagine how these teams and the community feel about this yearly classic games. The only thing that I was hoping for was a more competitive game throughout, but that is just me knit-picking and being a die-hard football fan.

“Both schools are evenly focused on, and I found myself never truly rooting for either team, but rather both.”

Each story that was explored was inspiring as much as it was sad. Mario Ramirez is a standout student who plays for Roosevelt, who lives in a small house full of family that it is not meant to house. Some of his family and his girlfriend do not have papers, so they fear deportation. Mario has dreams of going to Princeton, where he actually received a letter of acceptance. He’s not sure if he will be able to attend because of his financial situation. Then there is Joseph Silva of Garfield, whose father has been in and out of prison, he is unsure of where his mother is and lives with his grandmother, girlfriend and his daughter. Joseph has to balance being a father, student, provider, and athlete all at a young age. These stories are so common that it was not shocking to me. I have heard these stories over and over, but that does not ever make them less tough to hear about. If anything, it makes you root for these kids more.

Another standout feature of this documentary is its soundtrack and score. The score was done by Joseph Piscitello, and it is fantastic. The soundtrack also features a rendition of Fortunate Son done by Flor de Toloache, who is an all-female mariachi band that is amazing. These women are rising to the top and fast, and it is well deserved. The soundtrack and score really capture and embrace the Latino culture.

The All-Americans is the truest underdog story.


The All-Americans (2019)

Directed and Written: Billy McMillin

Starring: Mario Ramirez, Joseph Silva, Sammy Hernandez, Stevie Williams, Javier Cid, Lorenzo Hernandez, Alfred Robelo, etc.

Movie score: 9.5/10

The All-Americans Image

"…dreams of going to Princeton, where he actually received a letter of acceptance..."

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