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By Chris Salce | October 2, 2020

Although the film’s comedy is hit and miss, it’s something needed in a movie about a tar monster chasing office employees. Many of the jokes are blue comedy made by the token perve and horn dog of the office, Ben (Sandy Danto). Ben has the hots for the beautiful Diana (Nicole Alexandra Shipley), who works in the building, and he attempts to make a deal that if he does something manly to save her from whatever is chasing them, she has to stick her tongue in his mouth. And it is said as so.

What I also liked was the ending for a couple of reasons. All of the things I had questioned about the film are also brought up by a couple of characters who have a hard time believing Zach’s story. The other reason is when this particular moment in the film happens. I finally knew what Tar was trying to be. It is simply a film having fun with a legend.


“…the film’s comedy is hit and miss…”

Something that I found an issue in is the editing. There are times where the editing does not quite mix as smoothly as I had hoped. There are also times in the film where the slo-mo effect comes in, and when it does, it is really choppy. I’m not sure if this is done on purpose or not, but that choppiness happens each time the slo-mo comes into play.

Tar is not a bad film. It is actually better than I thought it would be given the plot. There are some bright sequences, but much darker moments and not in a good way, unfortunately. I like the film’s idea and the fun it has with a legend, but I wish it were executed just a bit better, no pun intended.

Tar (2020)

Directed: Aaron Wolf

Written: Tim Nuttall

Starring: Timothy Bottoms, Aaron Wolf, Emily Peachey, Max Perlich, Graham Greene, Nicole Alexandra Shipley, etc.

Movie score: 5.5/10

Tar Image

"…simply a film having fun with a legend."

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