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Spy Kids: Armageddon

By Josiah Teal | September 24, 2023

NOW STREAMING! Robert Rodriguez and his son Racer Max have partnered as co-writers in the latest Spy Kids installment. Rodriguez is most known for his action-fueled ideas, wacky family films, and a recent brush with a galaxy far, far away via Book of Boba FettSpy Kids: Armageddon is a relaunch and fifth installment of the classic early-2000s spy comedy franchise. Picking up where past ventures left off, this packs plenty of slick gadgets and a wacky premise geared toward younger viewers. Once again, when the grownups have exhausted all efforts, sometimes you need a kid or rather a spy kid to save the world.

Spy Kids: Armageddon. Billy Magnussen as The King in Spy Kids: Armageddon. Cr. Netflix ©2023

“…the launch of a new video game that threatens to unleash the ‘Armageddon Code’…”

Terrence (Zachary Levi) and Nora (Gina Rodriguez) are typical parents to two pre-teens. They try to balance work with life, raise their kids, and make sure their kids don’t spend too much time on technology. But, unbeknownst to their kids, Terrence and Nora happen to be international spies. Tony (Connor Esterson) and Patty (Everly Carganilla) are two bright kids who love video games and have no suspicions of their parents’ life of espionage. That is, until the launch of a new video game that threatens to unleash the “Armageddon Code” on the world. Before Tony and Patty realize what is happening, it’s time to suit up and become the newest Spy Kids.

The “Armageddon Code” launch brings back a familiar Spy Kids troupe. Evil henchmen attack the family’s home and capture the parents, leading Tony and Patty to a safe house/spy lair. At the spy lair, the two kids learn about the OSS and how to be a spy from the book, “How to be a Spy” (as seen in previous Spy Kids films), and a fun crash course in covert operations. After some practice spying, the kids realize the villain may be the creator of their favorite video game, Rey “The King” Kingston (Billy Magnussen). When Kingston attacks the OSS headquarters, it’s up to Tony and Patty to rescue their parents and stop Kingston.

Spy Kids: Armageddon (2023)

Directed: Robert Rodriguez

Written: Robert Rodriguez, Racer Max

Starring: Connor Esterson, Everly Carganilla, Zachary Levi, Gina Rodriguez, Billy Magnussen, D.J Cotrona, Joe Schilling, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Spy Kids: Armageddon  Image

"…themes of family and adventure run deep throughout every scene."

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